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The Pursuit of Teaming Excellence

In a world of complexity, ambiguity and never-ending change, working together is no longer a nice to have; it is a must have.

More than ever, our ability to thrive will depend on everyone working collaboratively on key activities or projects to help move us through a state of change and ambiguity to a point of mastery.

Teaming builds shared understanding, supports personal development, nurtures belonging and promotes a deep sense of inclusion that raises harmony, wellbeing and engagement.

Teaming underpins clarity of results and roles, makes best use of all resources and creates a sense of collective accountability that boosts performance.

Applied throughout and across organisations, teaming unearths new possibilities, energises courage to step beyond comfort zones and releases, often huge, pots of hidden value.

It takes energy, compassion and committed intent to build a great team. Since teams invariably operate in dynamic environments, change can easily upset the delicate balance that holds harmony and performance together.

  • Client changes can result in the introduction of new product requirements, processes and often people.
  • Skills needs change and team members, and team leaders, move on.
  • Changes in people bring shifts in different capabilities and experiences.
  • Often, new team members take time to assimilate team values and standards.
  • It can also take time to build trust and relationships.
  • When products and processes change it can challenge capabilities; clarity of roles can reduce, andresults can take time to meet needs.

    Change is a constant, and since most teams just battle through change it is fairly inevitable that dysfunctions begin to appear. Hence, it can be no surprise that the vast majority of teams are underperforming relative to their true potential.

    Performance Teaming provides a comprehensive framework that helps counter such challenges and enables organisations to master the art of teaming – the ability to consistently build and re-build teams that quickly achieve harmony and performance.

    As a result, organisations become great places to work, great partners to work with and gain huge leaps in wellbeing and productivity.

    Teamwork releases and develops our collective greatness.

    Transforming from ordinary to extraordinary is both a choice and a journey. In the following pages we chart potential routes for that journey.