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Executive and Team Coach, Certified by ICF, EMCC, Gallup, Co-Active
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NCRW Coaching | Bushong Media LLC
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NCRW Coaching and Bushong Media LLC were born from my purpose to amplify the positive impact I can make on the world. I have this metaphor: A galaxy hurling meteors to positively impact peoples' worlds. I am a "reinventalist", someone who chose to reinvent themselves multiple times thoughout life. Originally from Detroit, my mother instilled in me my core values of learning, perspective and GSD. An Engineer and Scientist with an MBA, I have worked and lived globally, with direct experience as a small business owner, consultant, professor, and corporate employee. I have worked in almost every business function and grown from analyst to Senior Vice President with the Walt Disney Company. All that I am was possible because of the love, support and challenge from my family and those who chose to invest time and attention in making me a better leader. I have chosen, once again to reinvent myself and help others maximize their personal and professional potential. TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING The cornerstones of my coaching focus on you as a naturally creative, resourceful and whole person. While we may begin focusing on one part of your life (say career) very quickly, together, we may see that it is another part of your life that is creating challenges.. Afterall we don't leave part of our self at home when we go to work. For that reason we focus on the whole person. Throughout all of our work together we will meet you "where you are" and from there work to evoke transformation in support of your purpose. #coach #executivecoach #leadership #teams #nextstep #coaching #development #dream #vision #growth #transition #nextsteps #nextchapter #leadingteams #innovate #resonate #executivecoaching #teamcoaching #fullpotential #personalgrowth #momentum #performance