9 secrets of leading successful global virtual teams

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Global Team Cafe™ – bringing global teams together to achieve high performance through collaborative effort

Coaching is an essential part of team development and is vital in the global arena where teams are often geographically dispersed and culturally diverse. The purpose of team coaching is to develop highly effective and collaborative decision-making teams – teams that identify and execute strategies and tactics on the go, often in complex environments.


Global Team Cafe™ goes beyond developing leadership and business skills, by creating unique environments where teams develop working relationships that deliver results and enable top teams to become the best they can possibly be.


  • Do you have a geographically dispersed team?
  • Would increased cultural understanding deepen team connections?
  • Could better collaboration lead to enhanced results?

Some of the key global challenges facing leadership teams are:

  • Moving from a ‘silo’ mentality to one of open  collaboration
  • Working in a complex and interconnected world, where strategic thinking time and space are at a premium
  • Working across diverse backgrounds and cultures, requiring trust development and innovative communication
  • Managing expectations of multiple stakeholders
  • Simultaneously operating and developing the business

These challenges require all members of the leadership team to work as one. Global Team Cafe™ is a way to support the team in the course of its development to becoming ‘one team’.

Using the CAFE process, Global Team Coaches work with the whole team to address attitudes, habits and emotions. We focus on developing success-promoting behaviours that benefit  the team, its individual members and ultimately, the organization. We enable the team to achieve optimum outputs by utilizing their day-to-day work as learning tools.

CLARE  has provided team coaching for us which has been instrumental in enabling us to face issues honestly and with sensitivity, and to address in them in the knowledge that the solutions are truly ours. Clare was able to both hold up the mirror and draw out insights that we were amazed we were capable of finding. An excellent return on our investment of time and money.

Director, Charitable Trust

Team benefits

  • Clearer appreciation of the strengths and areas of challenge for each team member
  • Enhanced trust through increased inter-personal awareness
  • Improved motivation to work collaboratively
  • Greater leveraging of diverse cultures and experiences
  • Become a source of inspiration to other teams

… leading ultimately to increased accountability, productivity and high-performance business outcomes.

What’s the process?

Firmly establishing relationships and expectations:

  • establish connections between team members
  • discuss and determine what success will look like for the whole team
  • clarify objectives, the scope of work and ways of working together
  • design interventions so that learning will be successfully implemented back in the workplace
  • and get the whole team on board and committed to this collaborative process
Defining the baseline for social connection and productivity:

  • benchmark against world-class standards in team effectiveness
  • creation of guiding dashboard to be reviewed throughout the process
  • determine priority development focus
Moving to action:

  • develop a customised programme encompassing real-time commercial opportunities
  • completion of whole-team behavioural profile
  • conducted over chosen video conferencing platform – one that suits the team, time-zones and geographic locations and environments
A continuous check on return on investment:

  • regular reviews with team leader to track progress and provide support
  • review and celebrate successes
  • assess what could be even more effective
  • plan the way forward and how to ensure sustainable change

Meet the Team

Clare McNamara

Anja Serfontein

Francine Brooks

Monica Garcia-Romero

Find out more about us

FRANCINE is a highly skilled coach. Developing the skills of senior managers and teams across the wider business, both onsite and in virtual teams, there is a clear and positive impact on the bottom line. When I talk about the power of great managers in relation to employee engagement and improving the customer experience as a result – I visualise Francine. All these years of working with other managers and she is still my benchmark candidate for it!

Global HR Director, International Marketing Services Company



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Together we have worked for a wide range of organizations including:

  • Audi
  • Britax
  • Caterpillar
  • Carlson
  • Cathay Pacific
  • General Electric
  • Hewlett Packard
  • HE Space
  • National Health Service England
  • T-Mobile
  • Plymouth University
  • Shell
  • Smurfit Kappa
  • Spinnaker International
  • Volkswagen Group

9 secrets of leading successful global virtual teams

Subscribe to our blog and discover how global leaders generate game-changing results

We will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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